Website to Watch: is a fabulous resource for all things makeup! They are a “Social Beauty Store” where each user contributes to the online community.

I especially love it because it is personalized! If you take some time to build your profile Bloom will generate recommendations for you based on skin type, coloring, hair type, beauty concerns, and personal beauty style, among others. Their “BEST4YOU” recommendations are based on your “beauty matches” or women whose profiles match yours.

Every user gets a “Beauty Cabinet” where all the items you have purchased show up and you can write your reviews. You can explore other users’ cabinets as well. It’s a wonderful way to see what people who have the same beauty needs as you have tried, what worked, and what didn’t. If your friends are on Bloom you can connect with them too and see what they are trying out. They have over 150 brands and are always adding more, so odds are they may have something you are looking for! I especially love that they have premium brands and less expensive drugstore brands! I swear by Maybelline falsies mascara and you can buy it on Bloom! So when you are trying to get over the $49 threshold for free shipping, you can grab stuff like that from Bloom and it comes straight to your door!

With every order you also get 3 trial size free samples. You get to pick 3 from 8-10 options and I have really loved most samples I have chosen. A great feature I have noticed is that they usually offer several products from the same line (for example both a facial cleanser and moisturizer) so you can try them together if you would like.

Ordering from Bloom is great because they guarantee their products for one full year! Their whole concept is that they do not want you to waste time or money buying the wrong beauty products ever again. All Bloom asks in return is that you share why your product didn’t work out. If you’re a VIP member (keep reading!) return shipping is free, otherwise it is $5.

Bloom Dollars:

You get at least 10% in rewards, called Bloom Dollars, on every purchase. I say at least because the site often offers promotions where you can get up to 30% back! Bloom Dollars are real dollars that go into your rewards account and can be used on any purchase. They expire 1 year from their issue date, so make sure to remember to use them up- I have paid $0 for more than one Bloom order because of my Bloom Dollars!

VIP Status:

Spend more than $100 in a 6-month period and you become a VIP! You get VIP status for the 6-month period in which you become a VIP and the next 6-month period after that. This is a little complicated. Their “6-month periods” begin in January and July, so if you joined VIP in June you would only enjoy VIP status for 1 month of the 6 month period in which you became a VIP, and then for the following 6 month period; basically from June to December. However, if you had become a VIP in January, you would have the full 6 month period in which you became a VIP and the following 6 month period as well, essentially getting VIP benefits for one year. See the difference? Make that VIP-qualifying purchase in June or July.

Let’s talk about what you get…it’s much more fun. VIPs get more promotions where you can earn extra Bloom Dollars, get exclusive access and previews of their products, a surprise birthday gift, and free shipping on returns! The best VIP perk if that if you spend more than $50, you get to pick your 3 trial size samples and 2 additional mid-size samples. If you spend $100 or more, you get 3 trial size, 2 mid-size, and 1 full-size product- absolutely free.

So, have I convinced you? Whenever I find something that I love I want to make sure not only do other people get to hear about it, but the company gets tons of customers- a company like definitely deserves it!

Join Bloom Today and fill out your profile, get some free samples, and start earning those Bloom Dollars!!!




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