Pin of the Day: Consistent Cookies

Today the pin of the day is a little backwards…I am posting here then pinning to my Culinary Compilations board on Pinterest. I run a small delivery bakery from my home – the Eat a Bite Bakery 🙂 One of the questions I get asked most often is, “How do you get your cookies to be all the same size?”

Well, here is my tip. I use a ice cream scooper like these. I whipped up a batch tonight and documented the process for you below:

Scoop us the dough into the scooper and level off on the side of the bowl.

drop each cookie onto the baking sheet.

Now you have a batch of cookies that are all the same shape and size!

Finished Product!

I love using this tool because:

1. It simplifies the process of making cookies that are consistent in size and shape

2. It is MUCH cleaner- you do not touch the dough at all!

3. It helps you plan your baking- since you make about the same amount of dough whenever you use the same recipe, you will know exactly how many cookies it will yield (give or take a cookie, but it is usually right on!)

What do you think?




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