DIY Debut: St. Patrick’s Day Art

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I chose today to debut my DIY section…with some sweet and INCREDIBLY easy DIY St. Patrick’s Day artwork. This idea originated from my “Pin of the Day” post back on March 5. You can read the original post here. The idea originated from Mama D and Da Boyz; all of her seed bead crafts are so clever and cute!

So here is my take on this craft! I uploaded it to my Kiss Me I’m Irish Board too!


Picture frame: I chose a small 5×5 frame because I like to hang really small pictures or plates under the cabinets in my kitchen. It is a light gold color. One tip I would give is choose one that has a little extra space in the back, like a piece of cardboard or something, because you are going to need to leave room for the seed beads when you put it in the frame.

Scrapbook paper: I chose a cream and gold damask to try to incorporate the gold and green theme of St. Patty’s! A tip I would give about this is to pick a pretty thick or sturdy piece because once you add the glue and beads, a flimsy piece of paper will not stay flat.

Seed Beads: There are a LOT of different greens out there so you will have a lot of choice based on your tastes and decor.

Glue: I would use a quick-drying tacky glue, preferably with a really precise nozzle so when you are tracing your shamrock it is easy to follow the lines.

Optional: Shamrock template – if you don’t have confidence in your drawing skills, you may want to print out a shamrock shape you like or trace a cookie cutter so you get a nice shape. I just drew mine freehand by making 4 hearts and adding a stem.

How – To:

1. Cut your scrapbook paper to the proper dimensions.
2. Draw the shamrock on the paper, either freehand or using a template. Here’s mine:

Step 2: draw your shamrock

3. Trace the outline and fill in the shamrock with glue.

Step 3: fill in with glue

4. Cover the glue with your seed beads. I took a photo of the ones I used. I only used about half of this pack.

Step 4: cover glue with seed beads

5. Allow the glue to dry completely! I can never wait long enough so I had seed beads flying everywhere as I tried to prematurely put it into the frame. Just be patient!

Step 5: Wait for glue to dry. Nope, it's not dry. Wait longer.

6. Once dry, put in the frame and voilà! You’re done! This was super easy and it is just darling in my kitchen!

I love these seed bead crafts because you can personalize everything about them! So, what do you think?

Check back later because I will be sharing another St. Patrick’s DIY project this afternoon!




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