Pin of the Day: Lilly Pulitzer Animal Crackers!

Today I came across this pretty (and delicious) treat from Lilly Pulitzer! According to their Facebook and blog, you can go out and try to find some in your local stores. It looks like some people have found them at Publix, Target, Wal-Mart, and even Big Lots! They are also in some Lilly stores. I am going to look for mine TONIGHT!

Find them on my Culinary Compilation Board.

I can’t stop thinking about the party possibilities here! I need to throw a Lilly party, stat. This is the third year these crackers have come out so hopefully Lilly and Nabisco will maintain their partnership and I will get to use them for a party in the future 🙂

The crackers aren’t just for eating, though! Once you find your Lilly crackers, you can add where you snagged your box in their Cracker Tracker! There are no entries for Orlando yet so maybe I will be the first!

Read below about how the crackers benefit Operation Smile! There’s just no reason not to go out and get some.

Pinterest strikes again!




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