Pin of the Day: Paint Chip Easter Garland

Easter is 16 days away! I am going to start focusing my “pinning” on Easter ideas…and this is my first one! Check out my Everything Easter Board for more inspiration!

Did you know there is a whole area of crafting that involves creating from paint chips you can pick up from any home improvement store? I’ve seen note cards, banners, artwork, mobiles, bookmarks, and wreaths all made from these little pieces of paper.

I love this idea because the colors are already coordinated for you on the paint chip and in the store they are usually arranged so the shades go from light to dark. Sometimes that’s the most difficult part of a project.

So above is a super cute example of using paint chips for Easter decorating! Things I love about this craft are 1) the paint chips are free, 2) the colors will ALWAYS work. and 3) the construction looks really simple. The white line looks like the opening of a plastic egg too!

Check out the full instructions for this craft at modernparentsmessykids. I’m going to try it! The only thing I think I will change is that instead of tracing the eggs and cutting each one out I think I will look for a big oval puncher.

Pinterest strikes again!




3 responses to “Pin of the Day: Paint Chip Easter Garland

  1. Yep, I went and got an oval punch based on that same pin! I’m planning on doing a garland from upcycled greeting cards with it over the next couple of days. (Now off to check out the rest of your board…) 🙂

  2. I am in the middle of making this right now! Should be posted in another day or two. 🙂

  3. So cool! Can I ask where you found the puncher? All the ones I see are too small…

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