The Rainy Day Box and Green Beauty

Recently I announced I was chosen as a Beauty Ambassador! I am incredibly honored and totally excited to start posting reviews! Look for my first one this afternoon.

Before I post, I want to make myself heard on one issue I am incredibly passionate about and one that will make it’s way into every review I write: Green Beauty. You can check out products and companies I think are fabulous and green on my Green Goddess Board.

What it is:

I’m a huge fan and advocate of “green beauty”, meaning I believe quality beauty products should be free from harsh synthetic chemicals including parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), fragrances or dyes, should be friendly to the environment, and should never be tested on animals. That doesn’t mean I have a completely green routine (yet!) or that I don’t occasionally get “duped” too. It’s a huge amount of information to take in and understand. It’s hard, y’all.

Who I am:

Before I preach about these issues, I’ll give you a little background about myself: Back when I was a grad student studying Public Health education (think designing smoking cessation classes and breast cancer support groups), I read case study after case study on topics I thought were no big deal and finding out how big an impact they actually have on you and the world around you. I learned to design health-related programs, which is actually really tricky because you have to make it easy for people to access and even easier for them to participate. If you’re trying to do something that’s already tough (like giving up smoking…or giving up your favorite blush, no judgement!) anything that stands in your way will be just another reason to give up. Especially if you don’t totally believe what you’re doing is bad for you.

Moving toward green beauty is the same. The beauty industry is totally saturated with every product imaginable and some of it is great, can’t-live-without-it stuff. Some of that same stuff is filled with harmful substances. Once you decide to “go green”, where do you start? As soon as you find out your favorite shampoo is packed with Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), you might be ready to throw in the turbie twist. I understand, I really do. I hate bad hair days.  Things will stand in your way on the journey to green beauty, and it’s up to you to decide what to do about it. My goal is to help sort through some of the confusion and give you the bottom line on these products.

Why I care:

For those of you who have never even thought about the ingredients in your cosmetics, or those of you who have but still need to know more, there are a lot of resources. We need help! But it is hard to find. Sometimes there is conflicting information. Sometimes you’ll find out that NARS Orgasm Blush has enough chemicals to burn your face off. Sometimes I just buy it and use it anyway. Sometimes I freak out and think I shouldn’t really be using it and then I use another blush I don’t like as much and then get mad that NARS doesn’t just remove the BHA, triclosan, and parabens. Sometimes I look GREAT in that color, ok? I digress.

If you look at the “Black List” from Julie Gabriel’s Green Beauty Guide you might really start sweating. Type your favorite cosmetics into The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database and you might just give up the whole endeavor.

Don’t. Let’s take it one product at a time.

What I’m going to do about it:

I’m going to review the products. If I get one that is a particularly good example of a company doing something they shouldn’t (in my opinion). I’ll write it. You take it as you will.

My reviews and recommendations will focus on 3 things: the brand behind the product, how the product performed, and how safe I feel using it.

I hope everyone shares their thoughts, tips, and resources too! Thank you for reading!




One response to “The Rainy Day Box and Green Beauty

  1. Look forward to hearing your review, I love all things green beauty, I am a lover of the amarya beauty box, so will be interesting to hear about this one to see how they compare xx

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