Pin of the Day: DIY Botanical Prints

It’s hard to find artwork for my home that truly fits my style and my decor. I don’t feel very confident about my art creation skills either. This idea from Family Circle seems simple, easy to do, and you just might have the components in your home already (all Rainy Day Box criteria for a great project). I’m pinning it to my Handmade Hodgepodge Board for a rainy day!

Here are the instructions, courtesy of Family Circle:


Picture frame with glass in desired size

Printout of botanical, resized if necessary. (Print as a mirror image because the glass with finished botanical will be flipped over when hung). Try

Sharpie oil-based paint pen in white (fine tip for outlines, extra fine for details)

Paper or fabric backing for frame in color of choice


1. Place glass from frame over botanical print on a hard, flat surface.

2. Trace the outline of a botanical onto the glass with a fine-tip Sharpie, omitting anything that you don’t want included in your finished version—like seed pods or extra leaves.

3. Let paint dry for about 15 minutes. Then, using an extra-fine-tip pen, fill in details—veins on leaves, individual petals, etc.

Tip: Precision tracing isn’t necessary. It’s more important to capture the spirit of the image. For example, if the botanical has dots or cross-hatching in an area, use that same technique but don’t worry about matching it exactly.

4. Let paint dry completely, usually less than 30 minutes. With frame face down on a flat surface, place glass into the frame with painted side up. Put the colored fabric or paper on top of painted surface. Replace the frame’s original backing and secure.

Pinterest strikes again!




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