Pin of the Day: Wine Cork Wine Charms!

Due to the overwhelming response to yesterday’s pin of the day, I decided to post another wine cork craft. I see you guys really like wine. So here’s another rainy day idea for all those extra wine corks: wine charms!

What a crafty idea from My Chic Life! Here’s my abbreviated how-to; click the link for My Chic Life’s detailed instructions (and pictures!) This was an easy addition to my Handmade Hodgepodge Board!


wine corks
bread knife you don’t care about or small saw (like a coping saw)
wire hoops or long eye pins (both found in the jewelry-making section of any craft store)
small letter stencils
a nail


1. Choose your corks and then find a good cutting surface.  If you’d like the charms to be exactly even in size, you can mark the cork with a pen.

2. Start slicing – I cut mine about a quarter inch thick.  Be careful!  I found that some corks cut a bit easier than others.  And don’t be a hero—if the remaining cork is getting too small to hang onto, drop it and start using another.

3. Once you’ve got all your slices made, take them to a surface you can hammer on.  A phone book will do in a pinch!  You can use any size nail that you have on hand, and hammer it through the cork towards the top of one side.

4. Push the nail all the way through and wiggle it around a bit—cork has a way of self-healing, and you want to make sure you can find the hole later, so it helps to widen it as much as you can with the nail.
5. After you’ve put holes in all the rounds, you can customize them. Use a stencil,  freehand letters or numbers, or even use tiny stamps if you have them.
6. Thread your wire or hoop through and you’re done!
Pinterest strikes again!

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