Review: Lashfood Conditioner

I’m back! And I have a lot of wonderful products to review from! The first is one I’ve been working on for awhile – LashFood Nano-Peptide Natural Eyelash Conditioner. I started using this back in April since it takes several weeks to get results. (and you do see them!) It’s like a non-prescription, all-natural “Latisse” – designed to strengthen, lengthen, and otherwise enhance your lashes. I like the ingredients and who doesn’t want longer, stronger, fuller lashes?

You simply apply a thin line to your lash line (like eyeliner) every night before bed. It felt wet for a bit, but after it dried, I did not notice it at all!

I applied the conditioner religiously and I would say I started to see real results in 4 weeks. My lashes are definitely longer but more than that, I noticed that they were stronger and that they do not fall out as much – they hardly ever fall out at all. They don’t just look different, they feel very different and that is something only I would notice, but it makes a big difference. I am disappointed that my pictures really do not do it justice!



I thought I had good lashes, but now they are great! My best evidence is that when I was at the dentist last week, the hygienist actually made it a point to comment that I had really thick lashes. I can honestly say I had never received that compliment before! (I told her my secret). I’m pinning it to my Green Goddess Board too!

I loved this product and I really was not sure that I would. I saw real results, and the $80 price tag seems worth it to me. I definitely recommend it!




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  1. budziak

    Where did you get it?

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