Review: Booty Parlor Flirty Little Secret!

Another great pick from my June Bloom Beauty Ambassador Kit was Booty Parlor’s ” Flirty Little Secret” Firming Bronzer with pheromones. This company is all about helping women feel more attractive, desirable, confident and sexy.

The price seems high ($32 for a 4.5 fl oz. bottle),  but a little goes a long way so I would say the price is right. I am not really into bronzers in general and I try to stay out of the sun, but I decided to try this out on my legs and was really impressed. For me, it is not for everyday use because it has a lot of chemicals. For a special occasion or a time you want to look especially glowing, I say go for it.

I was terrified that on pale skin the bronzer would look ridiculous and orange…and at first it did! But you have to keep rubbing it in and then it looks awesome! Even on your ankles and feet, it blends really nicely and just looks like you have a great tan. If your skin is moisturized already I think it blends better. It also has some shimmer in it but not too much – it does not look overdone or too bright. I could feel the firming action a little bit but I didn’t see a big difference on my lower legs.

One thing to watch out for, despite how this product will make you feel like you have an incredible tan, it is not a sunscreen and is not a sunless tanner, either. You wash it off with soap and water. So watch yourself in the sun and for awhile after you apply it – make sure it dries completely.

So now for the big question – do the pheromones they pack into this bronzer work? I can’t say for sure the pheromones were working their magic, but I can’t read people’s minds either…maybe they were! But if you really want to have fun, check out Booty Parlor’s Website…they have quite a range of products 😉

Overall a fun and effective product! You can pick it up now on – definitely worth a try!




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