Review: Sundari and T’eez!

My latest Ambassador box was packed with spectacular hair products. Since one of the products (Sundari’s Neem and Coconut Oil Treatment) is more of a long-term use product, and the other two (T’eez Build Me Volume Spray and Bounce Me Styling Cream) are “every time you style” products, I decided to do one great big review for both.

Sundari Neem and Coconut Oil Treatment

Sundari means “a beautiful woman” in Sanskrit. This is such a unique company because of their adherence to Ayurvedic principles (read more here). Of course, green gal that I am, I had to check out the ingredients first. This treatment oil passed with FLYING colors!

According to their website, Sundari products are formulated with organic ingredients when possible, no synthetic fragrances or dyes are used in the products, essential oils used are therapeutic grade, they do not test on animals, and all products are dermatologist tested. I was good to go. (Love Bloom for providing so many green beauty choices!)

I received three sample packets of the Neem and Coconut Oil Treatment. Lucky me, I already had one from a previous Bloom order I had placed (love those free samples!) and had used on my hair the week before I got my July Ambassador box. To use, you apply the oil to your hair and scalp, and leave on for at least 30 minutes or as long as overnight. I have longer hair and it is very thick and dry, so I concentrated on my dry scalp and ends, but I only ever left it on for 30 minutes to an hour. I found one packet was enough for my length and thickness of hair, you just need to really work it in. I know the smell of products is always controversial, but I LOVED this scent. It is soft and not overpowering at all, but very unique. I was super concerned that the oily product would not wash completely out of my hair but it washed out perfectly and did not leave a residue (my worst fear!). I styled as usual (blow dryer and spot-straightening) as this product has another great feature: heat protection!

Over the weeks I used this product I noticed my hair felt thicker and stronger, and I had less flyaways. Since I have curly hair, I can either let it dry naturally or blow it our straight, and this product improved my hair so much that both my styles were also improved. I like that you use it once a week but you still reap the benefits even when you do not use it right before washing and styling. Check out my pictures below, both taken in the last couple days (and styled with my other great hair products) to see my final product!

A packet is .13 oz (4mL) and the full size on is 3.4 oz (100mL) so I would probably estimate I could get a good 25 uses out of the full size. FOr $34, I think it is on the high end but a fair price. Also, it works wonders, so really…it’s worth it.

T’eez Build Me Volume Spray and Bounce Me Styling Cream

T’eez was launched in 2008 by nationally known and published hairstylist Thomas Sena. His philosophy is “Why develop a product line unless it works better than what’s available?” It is a simple lineup of essential hair products. I also love each product’s sassy name. I got to try 2 of them (I was really impressed). I tried looking for a complete ingredients list for the spray because I only received a sample, but I couldn’t find it. The cream, however, did have a lot of paraben action. Sigh. However, there were also a lot of ingredients to love, too. From their brand page on…

“Plant extracts such as avocado oil, sweet almond oil, safflower oil, and wheat germ oil add conditioners, emollients, and fatty acids to hair to keep it soft, shiny, manageable, and healthy. Rosemary is another favorite of T’eez due to its ability to encourage growth, and add volume and glossiness to hair. Finally, amino acids and plant proteins are added to keep your hair strong, elastic, and frizz-free.”

The volume spray is up first. I used it when blow drying my hair out with a natural boar bristle round brush. I sprayed it at the roots of each section of damp hair before I dried it. The smell is so great – really fresh, smelled like a great salon! My main concerns with volume sprays are always that they will be sticky and leave a residue and that they will cause my hair to get dirty faster and I will have to shampoo more often. I am pleased to say this did neither of those things! The volume also LASTS. I go several days between washing and drying, so when I find a product that keeps the volume up during that time I get REALLY excited! Here is my final product (don’t forget about the oil treatments I described above too)!

Build Me Volume Spray, Blow-dried


Next, I tried the Bounce Me Styling Cream. It is an all-purpose cream, meaning I also could have used it on my blowout, but I was really excited to give it a try on my curls. I really can’t stand wearing my hair in its natural curls because in order for me not to look like a cavewoman I have to put SO MUCH product on my hair it gets really crunchy and horrible. I have been told my hair has a nice curl to it, and I agree, but I just have not found a product that helps me style it. This cream is the best I have used. I just applied it from root to tip on wet hair and let it dry naturally. I have never had my curls so smooth and shiny. When I touched my hair, it felt like hair and not like a brillo pad. The scent of this one is amazing, too. My hair was not even completely dry in this pic but it only got better as my hair dried and the curls got tighter.

Using Bounce Me Cream and air dried!

Again, thrilled.

Now, these don’t come cheap – if I wanted to go buy both of them right now I would spend over $40. I did not get a full size of the spray, but I did get a full size cream, and it is VERY generous. For how much I wear my hair in curls (although it may be more now) I think it will last me a long time. If that is any indication of the volume spray and considering how little liquid you really use in a spray bottle, I would say again, these are on the high end but not unattainable and certainly worth it for their quality.

I was really happy with all three hair products I tried out. I would highly recommend them all!




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