Review: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Dace Peel

Next up from my wonderful Bloom Beauty Ambassador Kit is a 5-Day trial of Dr. Dennis Gross’ Extra Strength Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel.

It is a two-step process containing two moist towelettes in separate packets. You simply open packet 1, an “Alpha Beta Refining” treatment, rub it in circular motions until most of the moisture is gone from the pad. Wait two minutes, then do the same with step 2, an “Enriching Neutralizing System”and then you’re done! For me, this is the best part: it’s quick, simple, and clean, and afterwards you do not look like you had a peel but your skin feels smooth and soft. I did not experience any irritation, redness, dryness or breakouts. It tingles a bit on step 1. My skin felt smooth and even afterward. On the other hand, I have used a lot of at-home peels and while they are a little more harsh initially, the results are similar. There was nothing so unique about this product that I could not live without it. A 30-pack of the extra strength (which I tried) will run you $88.00 and the regular strength will run you $85.00…pretty comparable so if you wanted to try them you would just need to decide which would suit your skin best.

The pads do have a few ingredients like fragrance which may be irritating to some skins and pretty much bad for everybody, and alcohol is one of the first ingredients, which is a negative for me as well. That would probably prevent me from buying and actually using on a daily basis as intended, but they are cruelty-free. vegan, paraben and phthalate-free, which are all positives. They were incredibly easy to use, easy to travel with, are very softly scented, and require an incredibly short application time, unlike some peels which take forever AND are very messy.

Here is a picture of my forehead and then my cheek on day 1 and day 5. I did notice my skin to be brighter and more even, which is a plus but not an $85-$88 plus.

If you are looking for an at-home peel and you haven’t found something that works for you yet, there is a 10-day supply available on Bloom so give it a try! Everyone is different and it is certainly a unique product.




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