Pin of the Day: Sensational Standard Sized Bathrooms

We are in the process of looking for a house in downtown Orlando. The problem is…the houses in downtown Orlando. We have toured some charming houses, most of them built anywhere from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. What is not so charming about them is the bathrooms. We walk all the way through,  I’m mentally repainting walls and refinishing floors and my husband is mentally adding up the cost of all my projects. Then we get to the bathrooms and we both start mentally throwing up. Here are some examples.

Don’t you want them all?

I have stood in these bathrooms. They smelled.  One of them did not even have a working shower, they were using the shower as a giant litter box for their cats. So, yes, we would have to gut them all. I don’t think my husband can pee into a pink toilet. So browsing for some inspiration, I came across a great post from SAS Interiors featuring 12 standard-sized bathrooms that some clever folks have made livable! Cute bathrooms for normal people! Read the whole post (totally worth it!) but here are my 2 faves.

In this bathroom by YHL, they used open elements like the storage under the sink and removing the doors on their linen closet to make this little bathroom seem bigger. I love it!

How cheerful is this? It was featured in BHG and I think it’s fabulous.

So, here’s hoping I land in a house that one of those clever people have ALREADY gotten a hold of. I can’t look at more peach tile. I’m saving these bathroom makeovers to my Decor Digest Board.




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