Welcome to The Rainy Day Box! A little about myself: I love God, Family, and America. I mean, obviously. I also love Florida, dogs, science, cardigans, candles, decaf, gentlemen, teapots, paper, birds, and rain. And Pinterest. Actually, move Pinterest up in the God, family, country section. These facts are important as these topics will probably present themselves 100% of the time in my posts.

This site is named after a box my mother keeps. For years, whenever we got a toy we didn’t really use or a happy meal treat we already had, she had us put it in The Rainy Day Box. Whenever we were stuck inside (Growing up in NH we had a LOT of snow days) we could dig in that magical box and find something old, something we forgot existed, and it was the best fun we ever had. It taught me that you probably already have everything you need to get something you want. In those days we wanted fun and the Rainy Day Box held it. These days, what I want is a little more complicated but I still believe I have everything I need to get it. My mother still has the Rainy Day Box and one day I know my kids will not only get to play with some of the weirdest toys they have ever seen, but they’ll learn this lesson too.

When deciding what to name my blog, that box came to mind. It’s been a rainy day and I spent it finishing a DIY project I’ve been meaning to do for awhile using supplies out of my craft closet (my grown-up rainy day box). I’d love for this blog to become a place to recreate the magic of the Rainy Day Box- except now it’s online and we can open it up and play and remember we really have everything we need.

Thanks for joining me, thanks for reading…and please come back and see me, rain or shine!




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  1. Hello! I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award, you can see entry on my blog.
    thanks x

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