Pin of the Day: Oreo Cake Pops How-To!

Are you ready? I have already posted once about an incredibly simple way to make Oreo cake pops here. This takes a couple more steps…but it’s totally worth it! Here’s what you need:

Pack of Oreos (classic or golden; can also use reduced fat)

8 oz. block of cream cheese (can use low-fat)

white chocolate or chocolate to melt

Lollipop Sticks

Sprinkles of your choice

* You can use golden Oreos for “vanilla” cake pops, and regular Oreos for “chocolate”. I have hard tales of using nutter butters for “peanut butter” flavor but I haven’t tried it yet. YET.

Step 1:

Place Oreos in food processor and blend until they are a powder. Break them apart as you place them in the food processor, or they won’t turn to powder as easily. My food processor could only hold one row of Oreos at a time, so I had to do 3 rounds.

Use Golden Oreos for “Vanilla” Cake Pops!

Use Regular Oreos for “Chocolate” Cake Pops!

After blending in the food processor.

Step 2:

Add the entire block of cream cheese to the powdered cookies and mix together until completely blended.

Add cream cheese to powdered cookies.

Mix together until completely blended.

Step 3:

Using an ice cream scoop or spoon, create 1″ balls of dough and place on cookie sheet.

Using an ice cream scoop or spoon, create 1″ balls of dough

Place on a cookie sheet.

Step 4:

Place cookie sheet in freezer for 15 minutes

Step 5:

As the cake pops are setting in the freezer, melt the chocolate (or white chocolate) that you have chosen. Mix in a bit (start with 2 TBSP) of vegetable oil or shortening to make it thin enough to easily dip the cake pops.

Step 6:

It is best to use a deep bowl that is not too wide so you make the most of the melted chocolate you have. Get the pops out of the freezer and get your sticks ready. You can either dip the stick in the chocolate first, then put the stick in the cake pop, then dip the whole thing in the melted chocolate, or you can just put the stick in the cake pop and dip the whole thing. If you dip the stick in first, you have to wait for it to harden before you dip the whole thing in the melted chocolate. I have done it both ways.

Step 7:

Once it’s covered in chocolate, put it on wax paper (on a cookie sheet) and drop whatever decorations you want on them right away. if you don’t they will harden and you will not be able to add any sprinkles. Then put them back in the freezer or fridge until you are ready to serve. I leave mine upside down so they have a flat bottom. Do not panic: they taste just as good.






Pin of the Day: State Souvenir Glasses

Check out these sweet tumblers featured on Country Living:

They vary in price but range from $3-$20. What a fun addition to your glassware collection, or a wonderful gift. I added this pin to my Decor Digest Board.




Pin of the Day: Franken Nails

Courtesy of

How fun are these for a Halloween Party? Find some bright green polish and use a nail art pen (or a thin sharpie!) to paint on the stitches. I have found a lot of great Halloween nail ideas…perhaps another Inspiration Board is on the way? These are on my Ghosts and Ghouls Board.



Pin of the Day: Monogrammed Keychain

In the mood to spend between $35-50 on a keychain? Me neither. However, if you ARE, I would recommend these without hesitation:

These cuties are from Invite Cottage and for $34.95 +$9.00 shipping, they could be yours. If you want to punch it up a bit, they will craft you one from a Lilly Pulitzer fabric too!

It’s a prep explosion.

These are heading to my Gifted Giving Board. I think this could be a fantastic wedding shower gift with the bride’s new initials!



Pin of the Day: 7 ways to Ruffle

I love a good ruffle. see kate sew has the simplest guide to creating 7 unique and adorable ruffles on her fantastic blog.

Head over to the original post to get the quick (literally, most of them are 1 sentence) tutorial on how to get your desired ruffle. If you love them as much as she does, there are a ton of ruffle resources on her site as well. Just adorable. This pin is heading to my Handmade Hodgepodge Board.



Pin of the Day: Switchplate Story

I have moving on the brain, although the universe is trying to make it clear to me it’s just not happening anytime soon. If I ever do, though I think this idea from Make Projects is a must-try. If you head over to their post, there is a template you can download to type in your message to the future homeowners. You simply type your story, cut it out, and apply the label to the back of your switchplate. The first line of mine would probably be “So, you didn’t like this paint color, huh?”

I’m saving it to my Handmade Hodgepodge board….hopefully I can make one of these soon!



Pin of the Day: Sensational Standard Sized Bathrooms

We are in the process of looking for a house in downtown Orlando. The problem is…the houses in downtown Orlando. We have toured some charming houses, most of them built anywhere from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. What is not so charming about them is the bathrooms. We walk all the way through,  I’m mentally repainting walls and refinishing floors and my husband is mentally adding up the cost of all my projects. Then we get to the bathrooms and we both start mentally throwing up. Here are some examples.

Don’t you want them all?

I have stood in these bathrooms. They smelled.  One of them did not even have a working shower, they were using the shower as a giant litter box for their cats. So, yes, we would have to gut them all. I don’t think my husband can pee into a pink toilet. So browsing for some inspiration, I came across a great post from SAS Interiors featuring 12 standard-sized bathrooms that some clever folks have made livable! Cute bathrooms for normal people! Read the whole post (totally worth it!) but here are my 2 faves.

In this bathroom by YHL, they used open elements like the storage under the sink and removing the doors on their linen closet to make this little bathroom seem bigger. I love it!

How cheerful is this? It was featured in BHG and I think it’s fabulous.

So, here’s hoping I land in a house that one of those clever people have ALREADY gotten a hold of. I can’t look at more peach tile. I’m saving these bathroom makeovers to my Decor Digest Board.



Pin of the Day: Volcano Candle

Want your house to smell like Anthropologie? Buy this candle!

I am generally a die-hard Yankee Candle girl, but the scent of this candle is just awesome! It’s really beautiful to look at, too. If it is a rainy day light this sucker up and you will be in heaven! They’re made by Capri Blue Candles. I’m pinning it to my Consumer Collection Board of products I love. I don’t know if this is how a volcano smells, but if it does, well, volcanoes smell great.



Pin of the Day: Butterfly Snacks (Yes, for real- I’m back!)

Now that the summer kiddies are starting to back to school, I can breathe a huge sigh of relief and actually get back to the Rainy Day Box! Today I went from around 50 youth a day to a whopping 14. Next week, all the kids in our area will be back to school. I think it will still be a couple more days before the Pin of the Day is, you know, every day, but I will be back to normal in no time!

So, if unlike me, you are the parent of one of these child creatures, here is a sweet idea from baked bree for an adorable back-to-school snack!

Pick out your favorite snacks, decorate some clothespins, add some pipe cleaner antennae and you’re good to go! What a sweet treat. I’m adding it to my Handmade Hodgepodge board. Good to be back!




Pin of the Day: Crayon Art

June is here! This month is bringing a lot of excitement for me: a trip to Boston to start it out and then a trip to New Orleans at the end, plus I am starting the HUGE summer program at the Science Center on Monday! I feel sure there will not be a single dull moment this month.

June is going to be a great month for The Rainy Day Box, too. First of all, it’s raining! Not some wimpy shower, either – I heard the rain before I saw it which makes me feel very cozy and crafty. Naturally I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. This cheerful DIY art looks like a lot of fun to make and I do believe it will be the perfect thing to add some color to my office!

I found a wonderful tutorial here. Her pictures are spectacular and so happy! Basically you get some crayons (personalize it, people!), hot glue them to a blank canvas, then use a hair dryer on high to melt the wax to your satisfaction. Voila! I am pinning it to my Handmade Hodgepodge Board and it’s so do-able I think I might just do it today!

Pinterest strikes again!



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