Pin of the Day: Pumpkin Paper Lanterns

Aren’t these Pumpkin Paper Lanterns from Pier 1 sweet? They are a steal – a set of 3 8″ lanterns for $10.28. I don’t want to forget these on my next shopping trip so I’m saving them on my Ghosts and Ghouls Board!





Inspiration: Pumpkins!

It’s not Halloween without pumpkins. While carving them up is the classic route, I found tons of creative ways to dress up these seasonal favorites without getting out the carving set. Don’t forget, if you use real pumpkins you can throw in the silica gel from shoeboxes to keep them from molding. They’re all saved to my Ghosts and Ghouls Board.

Glowing Polka-Dot Pumpkins, courtesy of

Mouse Motel Pumpkin, courtesy of

Crayon Drip Pumpkin, courtesy of

Pumpkin Twig Tree, courtesy of

Monogrammed Pumpkin, courtesy of

Glitter Pumpkins, courtesy of

Spray Paint and Stencils, courtesy of

Color-Blocked Pumpkins, courtesy of

Striped Pumpkins, courtesy of

Gilded Pumpkins, courtesy of

Glitter Chevron Pumpkin, courtesy of

Glue & Epsom Salts for a Sparkle Pumpkin, courtesy of

Instagram Photo Pumpkin, courtesy of

Easy Polka-Dot Pumpkin, courtesy of

Lentil-studded Pumpkins, courtesy of

More gilded pumpkins, courtesy of

Lacy Pumpkin, courtesy of

Cookie-Cutter Patterned Pumpkins, courtesy of

Glam Pumpkin, courtesy of

Button Pumpkin, courtesy of

Monogram Pumpkin, courtesy of

Painted Pumpkins, courtesy of

Rhinestone Pumpkin, courtesy of

Candy Corn Pumpkins…great for a weirdly shaped pumpkin! Courtesy of

Pastel Pumpkins, courtesy of

Spraypainted Doily Pumpkins, courtesy of

Dressed Up Pumpkin, courtesy of

Pearl Studded Pumpkins, courtesy of

Message on a Pumpkin, courtesy of

Washi Tape Pumpkins, courtesy of, Photographs by Don Penny; Styling by Vanessa Boer

Chalkboard Pumpkins, courtesy of, Photographs by Don Penny; Styling by Vanessa Boer

Silhouette Pumpkin, courtesy of

Intricately Patterned Pumpkins, courtesy of

Vinyl State Decal Pumpkins, courtesy of, photo by Burcu Avsar

Decoupaged Pumpkins, courtesy of, photo by Miki Duisterhof

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a classic. Courtesy of




Inspiration: Halloween Decor

OK, we’ve covered all the important stuff about the party: the food and drinks. What comes next? Oh, right – the decorations. If you think this list is long, wait until you see my upcoming post on pumpkins. Just so much fun stuff out there! These are all pinned to my Ghosts and Ghouls Board along with all my Halloween loves!

Mason Jar Luminaries, courtesy of

Witch’s legs from pool noodles! Courtesy of

Pumpkin Tea Light Holders, courtesy of

Pumpkin Door Decor, courtesy of

Snake Wreath, courtesy of

I mean, you must have a green door. Bur, Franken-door. Courtesy of

Paper Pumpkins, courtesy of

More Mason Jar Lanterns, courtesy of

Candy Corn Vases, courtesy of

Spider Topiaries, courtesy of

Candy Corn Hurricanes, courtesy of

Candy Corn Tree, courtesy of

Tin Can Lanterns, courtesy of

Halloween Soaps, courtesy of

Milk Jug Luminaries, courtesy of

Spiderweb Doormat, Courtesy of; photo by Seth Smoot

Ghost Garland, courtesy of

Click link for paper cutout templates! Courtesy of; photo by John Kernick

Cheesecloth Ghosts, courtesy of; photo by John Kernick

Eat, Drink, and Be Scary Printable, courtesy of



Pin of the Day: Sensational Standard Sized Bathrooms

We are in the process of looking for a house in downtown Orlando. The problem is…the houses in downtown Orlando. We have toured some charming houses, most of them built anywhere from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. What is not so charming about them is the bathrooms. We walk all the way through,  I’m mentally repainting walls and refinishing floors and my husband is mentally adding up the cost of all my projects. Then we get to the bathrooms and we both start mentally throwing up. Here are some examples.

Don’t you want them all?

I have stood in these bathrooms. They smelled.  One of them did not even have a working shower, they were using the shower as a giant litter box for their cats. So, yes, we would have to gut them all. I don’t think my husband can pee into a pink toilet. So browsing for some inspiration, I came across a great post from SAS Interiors featuring 12 standard-sized bathrooms that some clever folks have made livable! Cute bathrooms for normal people! Read the whole post (totally worth it!) but here are my 2 faves.

In this bathroom by YHL, they used open elements like the storage under the sink and removing the doors on their linen closet to make this little bathroom seem bigger. I love it!

How cheerful is this? It was featured in BHG and I think it’s fabulous.

So, here’s hoping I land in a house that one of those clever people have ALREADY gotten a hold of. I can’t look at more peach tile. I’m saving these bathroom makeovers to my Decor Digest Board.



Pin of the Day: Crayon Art

June is here! This month is bringing a lot of excitement for me: a trip to Boston to start it out and then a trip to New Orleans at the end, plus I am starting the HUGE summer program at the Science Center on Monday! I feel sure there will not be a single dull moment this month.

June is going to be a great month for The Rainy Day Box, too. First of all, it’s raining! Not some wimpy shower, either – I heard the rain before I saw it which makes me feel very cozy and crafty. Naturally I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. This cheerful DIY art looks like a lot of fun to make and I do believe it will be the perfect thing to add some color to my office!

I found a wonderful tutorial here. Her pictures are spectacular and so happy! Basically you get some crayons (personalize it, people!), hot glue them to a blank canvas, then use a hair dryer on high to melt the wax to your satisfaction. Voila! I am pinning it to my Handmade Hodgepodge Board and it’s so do-able I think I might just do it today!

Pinterest strikes again!



Pin of the Day: DIY Monogrammed Doormat

Another sweet DIY post…that I have not actually done myself. Ah. Once the summer program at the museum is in full swing maybe I will have a semblance of a normal schedule back. Until then, I’ll be posting all the projects I dream of completing…like this one!

If you’re like me, you still have your Easter doormat outside. I love the idea of always having “seasonally appropriate” decor outside but I fail with the execution of this idea. Repeatedly. I want to make this mat so this year, even when I don’t ever get around to finding the perfect 4th of July mat, I can have something cute and welcoming that is “Rainy Day Box – Approved”: simple, easy to personalize, and you probably have the supplies at your house!

Like many wonderful ideas, this comes from the folks over at Better Homes and Gardens. This would also make a wonderful gift! I’m adding it to my Handmade Hodgepodge Board. Here are the (so easy) instructions from their site:

“Print a letter onto cardstock and cut it out. Pin the cardstock stencil on the mat and cover the letter with spray paint. To add dots, repeat the process, masking off the letter before painting the dots.”

Pinterest strikes again!



Pin of the Day: DIY Tile Coasters

Today’s post is a definite rainy day project! Simple, beautiful, easily personalized- and you may already have most supplies at your house. These adorable tile coasters from The Cottage Home would be a great gift for just about anyone, or a quick way to spruce up your home or office. They would also be a fun take home for a party like a baby shower! You could also put picture hangers on the back of them and use them as wall art. The possibilities are endless!

One thing I noticed from the comments on the tutorial is quite a few people made them and noticed they were not heat-resistant right away. Once they are dry they should be ok for cold drinks, but wait about a month for them to cure before putting a hot mug on them. This does not worry me as I only have a huge glass of iced tea with me at all times. I can’t WAIT to make some of my own!

(Tutorial courtesy of The Cottage Home)

4 square tiles from your local hardware store (4.25″ x 4.25″)
4 pieces of scrapbook paper (or fabric) (3.75″ x 3.75″)
4 pieces of felt (or cork) (3.75″ x 3.75″)
Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Glue (i.e. Fabri-tac or other strong adhesive)
Clear acrylic sealer

1.  Brush one coat of Mod Podge onto tile.

2. Place one piece of paper on center of tile.  Allow to dry.

3. Brush on another coat of mod podge on top of paper.  Allow to dry 15 minutes and repeat 2-3 more times.

4.  After mod podge is dry, take tiles outside and spray with clear acrylic sealer.  Follow manufacturers instructions.  The sealer makes these tile coasters water-resistant.

5.  Allow coasters to dry completely.  Once dry, glue felt squares (or cork) to the bottom center of the tile.

What a wonderful idea! I’m adding it to my Handmade Hodgepodge Board.

Pinterest strikes again!



Pin of the Day: OMBRÉ!

Maybe I’m way behind the times here, but I just asked myself…what EXACTLY is ombré? I have pinned a couple gorgeous examples of ombré without being completely clear what it was. So, I googled it…and I LOVE it! According to an online dictionary, it is “having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark”. I define it as gorgeous! This article (yes, from 2008…I am behind) from Martha Stewart gives some great tips and ideas. Here are a couple of my favorite examples from all over the web – they’re also on my Culinary Compilation, Decor Digest, Style Selections, and Party Pins Boards.

Pinterest strikes again!



Pin of the Day: Star Wars Party

OK – If we’re going down nerd road, I have to confess: I’m more of a Star Trek person than a Star Wars person. However, the Star Wars traveling exhibit is coming to the museum this fall, and I know some of my volunteers are going to freak! I was trying to think of ways to help everyone (even those who are not superfans) feel like a part of the fun of the exhibit – and then Pinterest solved my problem (like it usually does).  Cue the Wars Party that does not make me cringe with the nerdiness, that everyone can appreciate, and that includes authentic ideas from the films from Hello My Sweet:

I will definitely be crafting up at least one of these treats for a Star Wars themed Volunteer Appreciation Party! The printables are courtesy of Hello My Sweet’s Etsy shop.

JustJENN recipes also put together an adorable Star Wars themed party with the use of the TWO Star Wars Cookbooks (Wookiee Cookies and Darth Malt: More Galactic Recipes …who knew)?

I’m saving this adventure on my Pinterest board of all things science…The Scientific Method.

Pinterest strikes again!



Pin of the Day: Chickadee Cupcake Picks

Check out these amazing food picks from BHLDN! They are fabric chickadees and according to their website, no two are alike! They are so lovely and unique!

I want to start baking right now! They could also be used for hors d’ouevres…I’m in love. Not to mention they are tiny birds, my favorite thing ever! Saving these to my Aviary Assortment Board!

Pinterest strikes again!



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