Pin of the Day: Franken Nails

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How fun are these for a Halloween Party? Find some bright green polish and use a nail art pen (or a thin sharpie!) to paint on the stitches. I have found a lot of great Halloween nail ideas…perhaps another Inspiration Board is on the way? These are on my Ghosts and Ghouls Board.




Pin of the Day: Monogrammed Keychain

In the mood to spend between $35-50 on a keychain? Me neither. However, if you ARE, I would recommend these without hesitation:

These cuties are from Invite Cottage and for $34.95 +$9.00 shipping, they could be yours. If you want to punch it up a bit, they will craft you one from a Lilly Pulitzer fabric too!

It’s a prep explosion.

These are heading to my Gifted Giving Board. I think this could be a fantastic wedding shower gift with the bride’s new initials!



Review: Stila Spring Palettes

As part of my June Bloom Beauty Ambassador Kit, I got to try out 2 of Stila’s Spring Palettes: In the Garden and In the Moment. They are $39 at I think it’s a great price for an assortment of 10 eyeshadows.

In The Garden Palette

In the Garden is a collection of botanical- inspired shades. They are all shimmery, which was not my favorite – I like matte eyeshadows as well and when you are buying a collection of 10 different eyeshadows, I would prefer some variation. Here is a look I did using “nectar”, “sage”, “moss”, and “juniper” shades:


I love posting creepy close-ups of my eyes. Next…

In The Moment Palette

In the Moment has light baby pinks, pale lavenders, deep plums, mid-tone neutrals, and sparkly black. It was definitely my favorite of the two. Here is the look I did using the “instinct”, “impulse”, and “glance” shades:

Like I said, I liked them both, but In the Moment was definitely my favorite! As someone who does not wear heavy makeup everyday, I was pleased that these are not super potent and to get them very dark you need to apply quite a lot. Perfect for spring!



Pin of the Day: OMBRÉ!

Maybe I’m way behind the times here, but I just asked myself…what EXACTLY is ombré? I have pinned a couple gorgeous examples of ombré without being completely clear what it was. So, I googled it…and I LOVE it! According to an online dictionary, it is “having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark”. I define it as gorgeous! This article (yes, from 2008…I am behind) from Martha Stewart gives some great tips and ideas. Here are a couple of my favorite examples from all over the web – they’re also on my Culinary Compilation, Decor Digest, Style Selections, and Party Pins Boards.

Pinterest strikes again!



Review: Winks by Georgie False Lashes!

It’s time for me to review my second Beauty Ambassador Kit! This time it was all about the eyes, with a set of Winks by Georgie false lashes and a tube of Lashfood. I will have to review the Lashfood in a separate post because it takes awhile to see results, but I am all about these falsies today!

I received Style no.2, “L’Avant Gardiste”.  They also have 2 other styles available at The instructions on the site are thorough and really helpful. The packaging is gorgeous and I love that you get a nice clean and convenient compact to store your lashes!

Gorgeous, right?

As always, I did a quick ingredient check. These lashes are free of formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances. They are dermatologist tested and PETA and vegan certified. The adhesive is made of USDA certified organic blue chamomile, which soothes delicate skin and ensures maximum adhesion of lashes along with natural latex, a new technology to remove allergens found in other latex products. It’s made with the first and only botanically-infused adhesive. So…green light!

Now I had to get down to business. I was a little wary because I have only attempted to apply false lashes once before and it was a disaster. Even at my wedding, when a pro was applying them, my eyelids got glued together and it was, you know, a disaster.

Check the lashes before you apply them to see if they will fit your eye. These fit mine, but you can trim them a bit if they are too big. I love the tube of glue – it works really nicely. A big glob did come out at first, but then I just spread it over the lash and it worked great. Since these are reusable, I recommend using a clean q-tip to spread the glue so you don’t get any bacteria on the glue tube itself. Here’s a pic of how much glue I applied:

I read up on for tips on applying falsies. I didn’t know that you are supposed to do your eye makeup before applying these, and if you put mascara on them it will actually make them wear out faster. Trust me, you don’t need to add mascara – they look great!

The best tip was once you have the glue on the lashes, wait about 30 seconds so that the glue can get a little tacky. I think that is really what makes the difference – plus you decrease the chance of glue dripping in your eye.

They weren’t tough to position since the glue is sticky but not dry you have a little time to make sure you get them on just right. However, if you move them too much the glue doesn’t stick at all. On my first attempt, I didn’t get the glue to stick to the outside corner of my eye, which you can kind of tell in this picture (you can see the line where the lashes didn’t stick on the left). Then I realized I put the left lash on my right eye. duh. This may have had something to do with my troubles.

falsies. backwards.

So, I tried again. And the second time, they were perfect. They were also on the correct eye. Cue creepy eye close-ups.

Can you tell I'm smiling?

They were also very comfortable. The only other time I have worn falsies I was totally aware of them until the moment I removed them. I forgot I was wearing these. When I was done, the lashes peeled right off. It wasn’t painful, and they didn’t take any of my natural lashes with them.  To remove any excess adhesive from your eyelids, the manufacturer recommends using a tiny bit of olive oil on a cotton swab.

Needless to say, I am really impressed. I am going to pick up the other styles to see how they look. They retail for $28 and I think it is well worth it, since they are reusable.  I can’t wait for my next excuse to get glamorous – I will definitely be donning these!



Pin of the Day: one glitter nail

What do you think of the one sparkle nail trend? I see these pictures on Pinterest all the time and I am kind of tempted to try it! Here are some of my faves!

I like it the best when the glitter is the same hue as the other polish (or close to it), so that it doesn’t stand out quite as much, it is more of a subtle touch. How would you wear it?

Pinterest strikes again!


Website to Watch: Rent the Runway

This installment of Websites to Watch is a fabulous GUEST POST coming to the Rainy Day Box from Katie Peterson! Katie is a crazy genius/ law student/ fashionista/ nerd/ beauty expert. She’s also my kid sister. I’m thrilled to have her bring her brilliance to The Rainy Day Box! A little about her: Katie loves bows, puppies, politics, pashminas, iced skinny vanilla lattes, speaking German for no reason, Lilly Pulitzer, whiskey, Froyo, chicken nuggets (this should have been her), Hunter boots, anything monogrammed, and cold weather. She is also in the process of convincing me to use this fantastic website, Rent the Runway!

Follow her on Twitter @KEP1017 for her own mix of celebrity gossip, makeup pointers, fashion advice, and general complaints. Retweet with any suggestions for posts!



What do you do when you are a grad student with no money, even less free time, and a black-tie event around the corner? You Rent the Runway, of course!

RTR has a massive collection of designer dresses available to rent for a variety of special occasions. They have flirty cocktail dresses, stunning floor-length numbers, and a full selection of Hervé Léger’s famous(ly expensive) bandage dresses. You can even snag a classic Lilly Pulitzer creation for the next engagement/bridal/baby/insert-life-stage-here shower you attend!

RTR’s claim to fame is their “up to 90%” savings on luxury dresses and accessories. For example, this deceptively simple Hervé Léger gold bandage dress (left) retails for $2,800. You can rent it for the weekend for $200.

This gorgeous Badgley Mishka number (right) is $795 off-the-rack, and only $150 to your mailbox. Do I have your attention yet?

After spending the first few weeks of the semester locked away in the library, I was more than ready to trade my trusty sweatpants for a ball gown. Luckily, Barrister’s Ball (aka Law School Prom) was just around the corner. I love getting dressed up; but, now that I’m a little older, a $99 department store clearance rack taffeta creation doesn’t cut it. I needed something nice, and, naturally, I didn’t want to pay for it!

I was a bit wary about a) not being able to try anything on, and b) potentially destroying a $500+ dress that I can’t afford to replace.

Once I logged on to Rent the Runway, I discovered the website is incredibly easy to use. Once you pick the dress of your dreams, you can select two sizes. RTR does a great job of describing the fit of each dress. If you’re totally lost, they have stylists available round-the-clock to chat. I once cornered a stylist for the better part of an hour and made her decide whether I should wear gold or bronze shoes with my dress. Seriously.

After you select your dress, RTR also takes the extra step of recommending the perfect undergarments, accessories, and nail polish to complete your look. You also have the option of ordering a back-up dress of equal-or-lesser rental value for just $25. For that price, I don’t know why you wouldn’t. Shipping is steep at $17.95, but pre-paid return envelopes are included in the price. Insurance is only $5 and it protects you against minor stains (a spilled drink, makeup, or muddy train) and minor damage (loss of sequins, busted seam, or a ripped zipper) – basically, unless you destroy it, you’re covered. If your dresses arrive and nothing works for you, you can send everything back for a full refund less shipping within 24 hours.

My dresses arrived on Friday, and I had an impromptu fashion show with my roommates (who also used RTR) to help me decide which dress to wear. I ultimately decided to wear Trina Turk’s Twilight Shimmer Gown. I could have paid $398 to wear this dress once and have it sit in the back of my closet all by its lonesome for the next ten years (let’s be honest, ladies). Instead, I paid $100 to rock this fabulous number for one magical evening. Monday morning, I popped it in my prepaid envelope and dropped it off at the post office on my way to class. It’s that easy!

I highly recommend RTR for your next event. Whether you’re on a budget, or have no time to get to the mall before your next event, RTR is my new go-to for all of my future special events!

Final Tips:

  • Rentals go fast, so reserve your dress/accessories at least 2-3 weeks ahead if possible.
  • The typical rental period is 4 days. Costs nearly double if you rent for 8 days, so unless you are going on a cruise or another vacation where you won’t be able to return your dresses right away, 4 days is plenty.
  • RTR allows you to filter your results – I recommend filtering by size and date, because there is nothing worse than falling in love with a dress and realizing your size isn’t available for the date you need it!
  • Pay particular attention to whether the dress runs large or small. Designer labels tend to run small, so size up for at least one of your selections.
  • Schedule your dress to arrive the day before the event. That way, you have some leeway on final accessories and undergarments!

PS: Use the code “WELCOME20” at checkout to save $20 on your first order!

xo, Katie

Pin of the Day: Polka Dot Nails!

How cheerful! I came across this on Pinterest and it really caught my eye. I snagged this idea from alllaqueredup and investigated it on Birchbox, which I reviewed just today! If you’re interested in trying it out, here is a fabulous video tutorial from Miss Ladyfinger on

Pinterest strikes again!



Pin of the Day: Neon Novelties

Neons have never been my thing…never! But they are definitely “in” so I am trying to get some inspiration from Pinterest with my Neon Novelties Board. Once I started looking, I found some amazing stuff. I am going to be open-minded about this neon mania, but don’t expect to see me with neon eyeshadow anytime soon…

So here is my Pin of the Day: a neon WEDDING! I considered a lot of color schemes for my big day, but neon WASN’T one of them.

You can check out the original post on DesignSponge here. The best advice from the author?

“You don’t have to go all out; just a touch…goes a long way.”

Also good advice when translating neons to fashion! Not feeling so stressed about this trend after all…

Pinterest strikes again!



Pin of the Day: Bold Balloons

I came across these balloons awhile ago on Pinterest and I keep thinking of ways to use them / make them for a party. The real ones are from London-based company BonBon Balloons and they’re an extravagance at 25 pounds ($39.75 U-S-of-A dollars) but don’t worry too much about that because unless you’re reading this from the UK it looks like you can’t get them anyway.

Basically their concept is that they ship an inflated balloon to your recipient with a gift message and a gorgeous embellished handcrafted string. It floats up out of the box when they open it. It’s a pretty cool idea, and their designs are gorgeous.

I’m thinking the strings at least could definitely be duplicated for a fun DIY, but the look I like the most is their perfectly round and clear balloon filled with confetti…it’s a unique look. Chic balloons. Never thought I’d see the day…

Pinterest strikes again!



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